Andrea Pronto Contemporary Art Gallery - Crespano del Grappa (TV)

Vision in being.

Giuliano Dal Molin

Betrayals of matter,

serpiginous colour variations

encounters of powdery


The surface is saturated, upon

reawakening after the long

classic sleep,

in a vitreous movement


monochromatic defence,

of innocent powder.

they are almost

set aside, there herded against the walls,


the virginal whiteness,

dressed only in colour, like Venus wrapped

up in the soul, in a vain act

of support to the instability

of perception.

It is a room of monochrome

absolutes surrounded by columns

that are none other than admirable

intentions of substance covered by a

seductive mask,

springboard for the ex-stasis

relic of origins, but

perhaps also aesthetic judgments.

Here you find yourself

in a sort of silent

valley of the temples where the magical

game of art becomes

universal sedimentation

and the noise of the revolting

logorrhoea of à la page dialectics just a

memory of the poetic manifestation

of an unidentified category

of being,

dramatic representation

of existence, mimesis

of another place,

beyond they present themselves,

beyond the fleeting possibility

of colour

beyond the everyday

perishing of the light

beyond where the idea

translates into vision….

unexpected possibility

of the absolute.

Enclosed in the search for

matter, in a lengthy process,

whose phases remain uncertain and

obscure, Giuliano Dal Molin

discovers and reveals the sacred meaning

of life and death and like a

Greek poet, allows to transpire

in the motionless kineticism that

permeates his works, the signs of

heroic times when they fought

against the witticism of eternity.