“Dal Molin” text by Elena Forin – 2012 – LAC, Brescia


From the end of the 1980s up until today the work by Giuliano Dal Molin – born in Schio (Vicenza) in 1960 – has developed with grand coherence by way of changes in form, colour and the treatment of the surfaces. These changes seem to have come about by means of minimum shiftings which reveal the strength of a thought characterised by profound mediations and by deeply felt and pure convictions. Also on the occasion of this exhibition, Dal Molin has carried out a radical change starting out from an intimate need: that of filling a void, creating a space of the spirit.

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Giuliano Dal Molin “The Measure of Doing” texts by G.M. Accame – A. Zanchetta – 2005 – LAC, Brescia

LAC Lagorio Contemporary Art Gallery texts by G.M. Accame e A. Zanchetta

Perhaps you do not notice it immediately. The colours, the liveliness that offen distinguishes them, can in fact lead astray, but then you understand how the idea of measure, the sense of relationships, the definition of every element, everything in these works is indissolubly tied to the thought that conceived them.
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