“Sola Beatitudo” Opere di Giuliano Dal Molin – Un percorso d’arte al convento dei frati Cappuccini di Schio (VI)

Press Release



A path of art in the convent of the Capuchin friars of Schio (Vicenza)

From 19 May to 16 June, at the convent of the Capuchin Friars in Schio, every Sunday, visitors can experience a path of art created in the rooms and in the church through twenty-one works by the artist Giuliano Dal Molin.

The path is in homage to this community at a given time in its history. Once again the Friars will leave the convent (as had already happened in 1769), despite the eighteen thousand signatures collected in summer last year from the population of Schio and in spite of the charitable and loving service rendered to the whole community and the role of great social cohesion they played.

Letting his gaze fall upon this place, at this time, seemed, to the artist, a due act of recognition, a way of leaving a trace, a memory of his relationship with the spirit of the place during these difficult times. Resting our gaze is all we are asked to do on this occasion, even if we, like the artist, love this place of peace, of serene alacrity, of authentic spiritualism “where signs of devotion and the life of a Franciscan community that has always offered and continues to offer hospitality and charity to all have settled over the centuries and vicissitudes”.

Following the path created by the artist “…entering into these rooms involves us in a new perceptive dimension, solicited to identify shades of light and meanings. An unexpected yet rich and coherent spiritual dimension, where forms become places… The nature of each room is transformed by new spatial and chromatic relationships. The succession of places reveals tonal arrangements and variations on the theme of light and shadow, animated by tensions… which do not force the eye to recognise something, but prepare it to react and interact with subtle and profound emotions.”

Giuliano Dal Molin lives and works in San Vito di Leguzzano and was born in Schio. His works have been displayed in galleries, foundations, museums and exhibition spaces across Italy, both in personal and group exhibitions. He participated in “DETERRITORIALE” at the Venice Biennale and several times at Art Basel, the most prestigious contemporary art event. He has received many awards and his work is present in many private collections. [Convent of the Capuchins in Schio-Vicenza, from 19 May to 16 June 2013, opening times: Sunday 11am-12pm, 3pm-7pm]


Convent of the Capuchins – Schio (Vicenza) – photos by Roberto Rizzotto