Giuliano Dal Molin, Lia Rumma Gallery – Naples

Giuliano Dal Molin - Lia Rumma Gallery - Naples

Giuliano Dal Molin

Galleria Lia Rumma is pleased to present a solo exhibition of works by Giuliano Dal Molin, opening at 7 p.m. on May 26th 2016 in Naples.

Since he made his artistic debut in the mid-1980s, Dal Molin has been carrying out a patient, meditative and highly disciplined investigation which has its key elements in matter and colour, and in form and volume.
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Giuliano Dal Molin “The experience of painting” text by Angela Madesani – 2012 – Artesilva Gallery, Seregno (MB)

The experience of painting by Angela Madesani

The initial thought of paintings by Giuliano Dal Molin is a sign, expanding into space and going in all directions. Over the years, from the Eighties to the present, this artist – who spends much of his time in his studio to do research on the subject, the colour, the shape, the meaning of his works – worked in a dimension where the boundary between painting and sculpture are not well defined. Not a wasteland, but a territory full of ideas in whom is not easy or important to provide definitions. His research is a continuous desire to experiment, finding new surprises for the results of his work.

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“Dal Molin” text by Elena Forin – 2012 – LAC, Brescia


From the end of the 1980s up until today the work by Giuliano Dal Molin – born in Schio (Vicenza) in 1960 – has developed with grand coherence by way of changes in form, colour and the treatment of the surfaces. These changes seem to have come about by means of minimum shiftings which reveal the strength of a thought characterised by profound mediations and by deeply felt and pure convictions. Also on the occasion of this exhibition, Dal Molin has carried out a radical change starting out from an intimate need: that of filling a void, creating a space of the spirit.

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