Giuliano Dal Molin “The Collapse of Entropy” – MAC Museum of Contemporary Art, Lissone (MB)

The collapse of entrophy was devised as an “expansive and ephemeral collection” to enhance the permanent collections at the MAC. The aim is to transform the whole museum into an exhibition space, namely an area in which users can experience the entire architectural complex. Continue reading

Giuliano Dal Molin “The Measure of Doing” texts by G.M. Accame – A. Zanchetta – 2005 – LAC, Brescia

LAC Lagorio Contemporary Art Gallery texts by G.M. Accame e A. Zanchetta

Perhaps you do not notice it immediately. The colours, the liveliness that offen distinguishes them, can in fact lead astray, but then you understand how the idea of measure, the sense of relationships, the definition of every element, everything in these works is indissolubly tied to the thought that conceived them.
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Giuliano Dal Molin “2 Levels” text by C. Seganfreddo – 2004 – 503 Mulino – Vicenza

503 mulino Vicenza


All kinds of haste,

albeit towards what is good,

betrays some mental disorder.


Objects are projections of desire,

images of a battle.

Works of art do not change

based upon who purveys them.

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Giuliano Dal Molin “In the Visibile” text by V. Cantone – 2003 – Andrea Pronto Contemporary Art – Crespano del Grappa (TV)

Andrea Pronto Contemporary Art

The richness of Giuliano Dal Molin’s formal research originates from the unveiling of the expressive potential of the material in its pure form. Colour coincides with the moulded material such that the pictorial surface seems like the very manifestation of the form, like the soul of the abstract form that transpires from the plastic body and allows itself to be explored by light.Continue reading

Giuliano Dal Molin text by C. Seganfreddo – 2001- Rino Costa Gallery- Casale Monferrato (AL)

Rino Costa Gallery Casale Monferrato

A little more buzz, the noise of life enters. It is like the shutters of a room allowing rays of light to penetrate through, when outside it is day but those inside crave the quiet and silence of the dark. You have to let some time pass. Stay crouched down. Recover yourself. Re-enter. And let the kaleidoscopic succession of forms, colours and sounds slip by.
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