24.4 – 28.10.2015

The second edition of the Biennale opens on 24 April 2015 at 6pm at Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta (Padua)


in Water, in a Square, in the Air

This edition boasts approximately fifty artists displaying over eighty sculptures arranged around the villa area and in the arcades or industrial archaeology and the centre. The works are therefore positioned in different spaces and contexts but also arranged according to different languages and techniques, from naturalism to abstract, from pop to geometric abstraction with updates on the different concepts of the medium in terms of shapes and materials, going so far as conceptual or minimal modalities, from concreteness to fading into light, from environmental camouflaging to installation only then to return to traditional sculptural work and to artistic historical paths of the contemporary.

The initiative was the brainchild of Prof. Giuseppe Pin of Piazzola, also a sculptor, who created a synergy of interventions and collaborations or consultancies, including those of critics such as Boris Brollo, Vittoria Coen, Carla Chiara Frigo and lecturers and students of the Academies of Venice, Verona and Urbino, to create a composite scenario that provides a wise and very current composition of the varied achievements linked both to the consummate artistic experience and to a path of initiation to art, the expression of a relationship anchored to Italy and to that of extra-territoriality as the experience of new cognitive horizons and perceptual sensitivity.

It is a testimony of the richness of manifestation of sculptural art today, having overcome the constraints of past concepts of sculpture, rendered with extreme freedom of interpretation so as not to exclude a priori qualitative or interesting experiences.

Each work thus contributes to defining a dialectic and complex path that indefinitely broadens the idea of the work of art despite being a contribution to the process of projecting the feeling and mental vitality of the artist who created it.

By the Sculpture Biennale of Piazzola sul Brenta Press Office


Without Title – 2015


Without Title – 2015