Catalogue for DISTINZIONI exhibition - Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa

The multiplicity of solutions assumed by “Space” conceived as “Form” becomes the subject of Giuliano Del Molin’s incessant research.For this artist, who, from the “Silence” of his works has drawn unusual strength, one could too easily speak of a sort of “structuralism”, of minimal geometricalism; yet Dal Molin, in defining each of his “FORMS” (and just by using this word one already runs into critical limitations) frees himself and overcomes any derivation, any citation or similitude. In fact, he gives, through “doing”, to the module that he conceives as an infinitesimal but “universal” space, a great capacity to “recreate” through the “Senses” unique and very personal locations depending on the “observer”. In the “Structures”, as in the panels composed of “drawings”, we therefore do not see the limiting intention of giving “body” to a solid but the desire, infinitely happier and more poetic, to free the “concept” of Space from any totemic symbolism, to propose the Form as a Value that unifies the surface and the multiple and varied way of modulating and expanding in Time that is the work of art.